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Sourceo General

What is Sourceo

Sourceo is a platform, powered by local recruiters on the platform’s back end. Sourceo does the hard work for you when hiring. It provides subscribers with higher quality arranged, prepared and completed first round interviews to meet and hire without paying any additional recruitment fees

Is Sourceo an ATS?

No. An ATS is simply a storage facility. The CVs in an ATS may be warm, may be cold or may be stored for the sake of storing! The Sourceo platform only contains pre-screened, interested CVs and arranges & prepares first round interviews for you. It is supported by a team of Sourceo consultants on the back end make all CVs interview ready for you

Can Sourceo help me with short term based temp recruitment? 

Unfortunately not. Sourceo specialises in permanent positions only. Sourceo can also be used for permanent part time work!

What type of vacancies can Sourceo support me with?

Roles from $5k pm to $15k pm. Sourceo specialises in all roles within the technology, sales, marketing, business development, customer success, account management, admin, support staff and back office space.

What’s the difference between Sourceo and LinkedIn? 

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Where is Sourceo based?

The Sourceo head office is based in Singapore. Our recruitment consultants that source and screen candidates are based Singapore in India, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines

Why would I use Sourceo if I work in a recruitment agency?

Think of the amount of time, energy & budget it will save you and your team. If you’re working on multiple roles and don’t have time to source and screen for all of them, let us help you get first interviews for your clients so you can focus on other roles. Alternatively, free your time up to do BD!

What is Sourceo’s mission?

The Source mission is to support existing talent teams that are overwhelmed with vacancies to recruit across APAC. We want to make sure our clients get even more out of the existing talent teams they have at the moment by increasing interview quality whilst saving them time & money . 

Why would I use Sourceo if I have an in-house Talent Acquisition team? 

We believe that talent acquisition teams add greater value to a business when interviewing, offering, closing, onboarding & retaining new talent. This is where we want to keep their focus, instead of them spending up to 50% of their day sourcing CVs screening CVs and arranging interviews with hiring managers

Will Sourceo speak with candidates before submitting them?

Yes. This is the essence of what helps us save you time and energy. Sourceo recruitment consultants use the requirements you upload to your platform to match the right CVs to your job. They then reach out to the candidates by call, WhatsApp email to 

  • Qualify them for technical skills 

  • Interview them for the opportunity 

  • Make sure they they are available

How it works

How it works

Will Sourceo speak with candidates after submitting them?

Yes. This is the second way we help you save time and energy. Once you select which qualified candidate you’d like to interview, Sourceo recruitment consultants then reach out to the candidates and 

  • Arrange a first round interview for you

  • Prepare the candidate for your interview 48 hours before the interview

  • Check in on the candidate 24 hours before the interview.  

What if I get confused using the Sourceo platform? 

In the top right hand of your Sourceo platform you will see the contact information of your dedicated Customer Success Manager (email address and WhatsApp number). You also will have Customer Success chatbox which directly links to your Customer Success Manager should you wish to arrange an onboarding or consulting call.

What if I go on a sudden hiring freeze? 

In your Sourceo platform you will see a ‘freeze’ option. This will put your jobs ‘on hold’, and will stop Sourceo recruitment consultants working on your positions. At this point, your monthly subscriptions will be paused until you’re ready to ‘unfreeze’ your Sourceo account. 

How long are Sourceo credits valid for? 

12 months.

What if I don’t use all of my monthly Sourceo Interview Tokens in the month?

Sourceo Interview Tokens are valid for 12 months, and can roll over each month.

What assurances does Sourceo give me? 

Sourceo makes 4 guarantees to subscribers: 

  1. Quality: Every submission is spoken to, and answers to your screening questions will be provided

  2. Accuracy: All submitted CVs will have a minimum 75% match to your requirements, along with interview and call notes 

  3. Speed: All interview requests will be made to candidate within an hour of them being made

  4. Transparency: Your Interview Token credit will only be debited after the interview is completed 

What do you mean by a minimum 75% submission match

Sourceo uses an algorithm to control the quality of CVs that we submit to your platform. Our recruiters are not able to submit candidates that are less than a 75% match to your ideal candidate profile.

What if I don’t have enough time to upload my vacancy to the Sourceo platform?

No problem. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager is there to do your onboarding on your behalf if you don’t have the time. Simply ask them for a short meeting so that we can get going 

How do you make sure candidates are prepared for my interview? 

When you upload the requirements for your vacancies, we ask you to provide the top 3 questions you or your hiring manager will ask the candidate at interview. These questions will be put to the candidate for preparation in their ‘prep session’ 48 hours before their interview.

How long will it take until I receive CVs? 

This varies job to job, and business to business. Whilst we can’t give a specific time frame, we aim to submit the first Sourceo shortlist to you within 2-5 working days of your JD’s upload to the Sourceo platform. If we don’t think we will meet this target, your Customer Success Manager will reach out to you explaining why. 

How many CVs will Sourceo send me?

This will vary depending on the size of the interested & available candidate profile for your role. Sourceo only provides you with CVs that are at least a 75% match for your role, meaning that we will only be submitting ‘the top’ CVs for your role. The number of CVs will depend on how specific your requirements are, the geography you’re recruiting in and the package you offer. 

Can I arrange the interviews myself?

No. Interview arrangement is a core component of the value Sourceo provide. Once an initial introduction is made in an interview, we then pass candidate contact back to you to manage. 

What information will you provide me when submitting CVs?

  • Technical skills that match your role’s must have’ requirements

  • Technical skills that match your role’s ‘nice to have’ requirements

  • Candidate call notes detailing candidate personality in our view

  • Years of experience

  • Salary expectations

  • Notice period

  • Answers to any screening questions you’ve provided

When will I see candidate contact information?

You will be given candidate email addresses and mobile number once an interview has been completed. This ensures that candidate contact before the first interview remains simple and consistent between Sourceo and the candidate.

What if I need to reschedule the interview?

If you need to reschedule an interview, you can simple update a candidate's status to ‘Interview Scheduling’. This will trigger the Sourceo recruitment consultant on the back end to rearrange with the candidate

What if I place a Sourceo candidate? 

No further fees or charges will apply in this instance. After the first round of interview, you keep candidate ownership of this CV, making them yours to interview again, pipeline for the future, or place now! 

What happens to the interview tokens, if I cancel my subscription?

Your Source Interview Tokens will remain in your Sourceo platform until they are used. Even if a subscription is canceled, your tokens will stand for usage without you having to pay further monthly subscription fees.

I have some vacancies that are more urgent than others. How can Sourceo help here? 

The Sourceo platform gives you a ‘Boost’ option for 3 JDs a month. 

What is the Sourceo JD Booster? 

When a JD is boosted it means that sourcing, screening and interview arrangement for that role will be prioritised over others. We encourage you to boost jobs so we can work smarter when it comes to allocating more resources to your vacancies.

What if I want to change the JD I’ve given Sourceo

You are able to change the JDs you’ve given Sourceo at your convenience, by simple ‘removing a JD in your platform’s homepage, and adding a new JD in homepage

What do i do if I want to add a new JD to my Sourceo platform? 

In your Sourceo platform homepage you will see an area for ‘Adding JDs’ on the right handside. This will take you to a JD upload form, which asks you for more specific details on your vacancy.

What if I need to increase the number of JDs I upload to my Sourceo platform? 

No problem. Please speak to your customer success manager, or any other member of the Sourceo team so we can discuss increasing your monthly limit. No extra charge will be applied.

How does Sourceo make sure that candidates on my platform are fresh?

Every Sourceo profile in your platform comes with a candidate freshness guarantee. Once a profile is submitted for review, you will have 15 days to action that profile. After that 15 day period is up, the candidate will be removed from your platform. 

How will I be reminded on the freshness of the CVs that have been submitted to me? 

You will receive automated email reminders on day 2, 5, 10 13 and 15, encouraging you to review and feedback on submitted interview ready CVs. Profiles will also be coloured based on how fresh they are so you can see which profile needs to be actioned first.

Will Sourceo approach the candidates I’ve interviewed or offered for other jobs? 

No. You will have 3 month ownership of any interviewed and candidate until they are no longer in your interview process. For the Sourceo candidates that you hire, you will have a minimum of 6 months ownership.

How you pay

How you pay

How do you charge your fees? 

Sourceo subscription fees are due on the 1st of each month. On the 1st of each month, interview token will be automatically updated in line with the subscription package engaged with. Payments can be made within 30 days of invoice being due.

What if I want to cancel my subscription? 

If you wish to cancel your Sourceo subscription, you can do so in your Sourceo profile. All outstanding invoices that are due will still require settling, however you will not be charged any cancelation fee.

Can I get a refund on the credits in my Sourceo platform? 

Source does not provide any refunds for subscriptions

How can I buy Sourceo credits? 

Please book a meeting with our sales team in order to show you a demo of the platform and explain our pricing with you

Can I start for free and pay for performance? 

Please book a demo meeting with our sales team in order to discuss further! 

What if I want to guarantee more interviews each month?

Please book a demo meeting with our sales team in order to discuss further! 

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